Meet Chopper's Human and #1 Pal
Mark A. Shaffer, Realtor with
Prudential California Realty


SAN DIEGO, CA - Mark Shaffer--Realtor, animal lover, motorcycle enthusiast.  "I have a great passion for helping people achieve their dreams," states Shaffer.  Prior to becoming a Realtor with Prudential CA Realty in 2003, Mark had run his own business as a Personal Fitness Trainer.  "I needed a change in my life, but it was still important for me to provide a service to people, as I had for the past 8 years as a Fitness Trainer.  I then thought about Real Estate.  What can be more gratifying then to help another achieve the American Dream of owning their own home? So then I made the decision to become a Realtor."  Mark now works for the #1 Real Estate company in San Diego.  So if you are moving to San Diego, already live in San Diego, buying your first home, selling your home, upgrading, down-sizing or relocating, Mark will provide you the highest quality of service you deserve. "Anyone who buys or sells a home with me, a portion of my net closing commission will be donated to a local animal shelter, Children's Hospital or a charity of your choice," states Shaffer.





photo: Mark A. Shaffer & Bandit the Biker Dog (Chopper's predecessor)