The "Chopper Love" - Magical 'Therapy-Dog' Tour

Part 1 was a SUCCESS!!!

Tour 1 was dedicated to and Inspired by Katie Barber Pittaway who passed away recently.....
losing her 6 year battle to cancer.  Chopper was not able to get to KC in time to give her his "Chopper Love" :(
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Chopper and I have this passion, to go out and make a difference in lives, to those people in need. Chopper has been sharing his "Chopper Love" and "Chopper Kisses" with so many people in and around the San Diego area for over 5 years now, it's now time to take the "Chopper Love" on the road.  Chopper and I never ask to be "paid" for what we do, never expecting anything in return. All expenses are "out of pocket". (with some donations accepted along the way)  Everything we do comes from deep in our hearts.... but there are costs.

We are asking the fans, the followers, the supporters of Chopper the Biker Dog to donate, to help us fulfill our dream, to travel, not only to meet Chopper's  fans & supporters, visit nursing homes, VA centers, Alzheimer’s facilities, those with special needs (and the list goes on), outside the San Diego area…. BUT, to visit Chopper's fan's family members and friends who may be “In need of some "Chopper Love”, who follow Chopper on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Chopper wants to come visit YOU and YOUR families and friends who may be ill or in need of a "Special Chopper Visit”.  Maybe your mom or dad has Alzheimer's, maybe your grandfather is a Vet at a VA Medical center.... Maybe your child has Down Syndrome and needs Chopper to accompany them to the dentist or to have their blood drawn.  I receive so many requests asking if I will be in different areas, different states to visit loved ones from Chopper's fans….. more often than not, I have to say, “I’m sorry…. I will not be able to”.  It's now time to "hit the road"!!!!!  This Road trip is about YOU, and without your help and support, this road trip will not be possible.

Although we may not be traveling to your city now, please donate,
as you can help us and be part of us "making a difference"

***** The "Chopper Love" - Magical Therapy Dog Tour" was inspired by Katie Barber- Pittaway and a private message Chopper received on March 19, 2015 which read in part:  "I have a friend in need....she is terminal, at KU med center (Kansas City). A visit from you would mean the world to her....and all of us. She is 39, and has been fighting cancer since 2009. The Dr`s have given her a month to live, and she wants to fight for her life until May when her daughter graduates college.

April 2, 2015, just 2 weeks later, Chopper received another updated message which read, ""Katie died today, shortly after 5pm. Her suffering is over, no more pain.” - “She had been battling kidney cancer for 7 years, and fought her heart out through it."   

May Katie Rest in Peace.  This "Tour" is for you Katie!  Chopper's  fans will help make it happen!!!  I am sure of it.  Spreading his "Chopper Love" to those in need, as you were..... where Chopper and I are deeply saddened that we were not able to make the trip to see you.

***** Saturday, April 4, 2015 I posted on my Facebook page, "Do you live in the San Diego area? Do you have a loved one / family member who may be in a nursing home, hospital, medical facility or on hospice care that may need some "Easter Love" from "Chopper the Biker Dog" tomorrow??? Send me a message.... Chopper wants to go give some love tomorrow to those who are in need, on Easter Day"  

We received a response that read in part, "We have a friend who is a bi lateral amputee. He is 48 years old and the greatest guy you will ever meet. He lives in a nursing home in Escondido. He loves dogs. If you and Chopper have the time he and the rest of the residents of  the (facility name withheld for privacy reasons) would love a visit."

Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015, Chopper and I roll up on our Harley's to honor this request... to visit this amazing man John and others at the nursing facility.  You ask, we come!  That's just how we roll! 

We want to come meet you, visit your loved ones and friends..... and Share some "Chopper Love"



Please click the "Donate" button to help support "Chopper's Dream". $1, $5, $10, $100, $500..... $1000.  Every dollar will help us reach Chopper's goal so we can get out on the road, visiting AS MANY people in need as we can..... and help us continue doing what we love to do, helping to make a difference in people's lives, and for those in need.... We plan to schedule MORE  "Road Trips" in the future, to meet and reach more people is different city's and states,  All money raised will go towards preparation and road trips ahead. (I plan on starting a 501(c)3 soon... but not in place yet)


When you click "Donate", it will take you to the "payPal" site.  PLEASE write in a message to us of what city you are in.

Donation Goal: 0% reached for
Road Trip #2


THANK YOU ALL for your support and your donations!!  So much appreciated, more than you know!!  If you are just coming to this site and would like to help Chopper spread his "Chopper Love",  any money raised that exceeds the amount needed for "Road Trip #1", WILL go towards future Tours that include other states and cities. The more money raised, the more people we will be able to reach, and the more cities we can visit.

Departure Date (Road Trip #1): May 3 to May 13, 2015

Chopper's Schedule & Route

San Diego,CA to Eugene, Oregon

(***** Schedule, Route and length of "tour" subject to change due to
weather conditions and Chopper's well being *****)

Sunday: 5-3-2015

  • 5:30 pm - Leave San Diego Harley Davidson4645 Morena Blvd. 92117

  • Arrive in Corona, CA for a "pit stop" at the Starbucks 469 Magnolia Ave. 92879 (30 mins)

  • Arrive in Glendale for the night

Monday: 5-4-2015

  • Leave Glendale arriving in Simi Valley / Thousand Oaks, CA to make stops at
    a nursing home and hospital

  • Travel north to Bakersfield, making a "pit stop" at Bakersfield Harley Davidson

  • Travel North into Fresno, CA

Be sure to follow my BLOG:


Wednesday: 5-13-2015

  • Arrived back in San Diego

The Tour was a HUGE success, thank you to all those who helped make this possible.

Unfortunately, this was my first road trip and trying to take on a Blog page and website, along with my travels and stops, it was way to much for me to keep up on my posts..... and I feel REALLY BAD for that.


I learned a lot from this trip, and my next one will be better organized for my fans to keep up with me :)

As this is Chopper's first "Road Trip", it will be a "Trial Run"
to see how Chopper does for a long distance ride on the Harley. (under 2500 miles total).  If he does well, we then plan Trip #2, longer and further.
If he does not do well for such a long trip, then we look into getting a motor home for the next one :)



A BIG Thank You to San Diego Harley Davidson as well as ALL of Chopper's fans
for being a part to help make this trip/dream possible for Chopper and I.
MUCH Appreciated!  Thank You EVERYONE!!



A Few of Chopper's Favorite Pet Therapy Visits


Chopper the Biker Dog makes special Christmas Visit to CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County)

Chopper the Biker Dog delivers donation check to the
Wounded Warrior Project

Chopper making a special visit to the Alzheimer's unit for a friend



Chopper's 2013 Christmas to visit CHOC Children's Hosp.

Chopper joins Adam, who has Down Syndrome, at the dentist's office

"Therapy Dogs are the Best Medicine in the World"


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