Chopper Rides Off With  “Best of Show”
in 3rd Annual Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade

Written By Gerry Ashley


San Diego, CA - December 2010 turned out to be a memorable one for Chopper. He was invited to ride in the Ocean Beach Parade on the 4th He had a great time meeting folks there and the feeling must have been mutual because he won the “Best Individual” trophy at the event. 

The following week-end (December 11th), Chopper participated in the 3rd Annual San Diego Gaslamp  Parade.  This is an event that has special meaning for both Mark and Chopper, for it was Chopper’s predecessor, “Bandit The Biker Dog” who had been announced as the Grand Marshal in the inaugural running of the parade in 2008. Sadly, Bandit fell seriously ill shortly before the event and had to pull out. Several weeks later, Bandit tragically passed away.  

The following year (2009), those attending the Gaslamp Parade discovered there was a new Biker Dog in town. At the tender age of 4 months (and only his second time riding Bandit’s Harley), Chopper picked up Bandit’s torch and rode the entire parade, giving a little canine fan named Pia a ride.  (photo left)

For this year’s  Gaslamp parade,  Chopper went all out and “accessorized” his Harley with Christmas decorations. But he didn’t stop there. He dressed as “Santa” and towed a little red wagon behind his Harley. And in that wagon sat his buddy “Spike” dressed as an elf. Together, Chopper and Spike took “Best of Show” in a parade San Diego (Chopper) won’t soon forget! (see photos below)




 31st Ocean Beach Holiday Parade

 3rd Annual San Diego Gaslamp Pet Parade