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I do what I do out of the love and passion that comes within my heart, taking time to visit people throughout San Diego, and even traveling 100's of miles, just to share my "Chopper  Love" to those in need, ALL of which is volunteer my time and never ask to get paid for. 

In the past, my fans and supporters have sent donations to help cover "out of pocket" expenses, which is never expected or asked for.... but so much appreciated!  You too can help me, make a difference, IF you would like to make a donation........  TOGETHER, we ALL can make a difference.

Thank you so much for your support  ---- Chopper

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The "Chopper Love" Margical 'Therapy-Dog' Tour was a SUCCESS, Sharing "Chopper Love" with so many more people on his
"Chopper Love" - Magical 'Therapy-Dog' Tour -- Part 1.

Photos above taken on "Chopper Love" - Magical 'Therapy-Dog' Tour"


How it all began......  see below

Meet Chopper: The New Biker Dog In Town!

SAN DIEGO, CA - (2009)  11 months after the passing of Bandit, a new "biker dog" has found his way into the home and heart of owner Mark Shaffer. A little Boston Terrier was born August 3, 2009 in Santa Clarita, CA.  Sixteen weeks later, The puppy and Mark were introduced.  It was love at first site/meeting. On November 8, 2009, the puppy (named "Dexter" at birth) was renamed  "Chopper" by Mark and was brought to his new home in San Diego.
After just 4 weeks at home with Mark, Chopper was already riding on Mark's full size Harley Davidson in the custom made saddlebag, the same saddlebag where Bandit started his riding career. Chopper took to riding the Harley naturally and made his first appearance at the 2009 Toys for Tot's motorcycle ride. Shortly thereafter, Chopper appeared at the annual "Shop with a Cop" event, in which numerous police organizations come together and take over 250 "less fortunate" children shopping for Christmas gifts.
Chopper has been invited to participate in upcoming events for the Armed Forces, YMCA and "The Nice Guys" organization in the San Diego area. He has already been introduced to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and his wife, Rana, as well as the San Diego Police Chief and his Assistant Chiefs, the Police Chief for the city of El Cajon CA, the Mayor of El Cajon, the National Little League Champions, and others. Needless to say, Chopper has established his credentials at an early age.

An enthusiastic Shaffer said, "I’m really looking forward to getting back out in the community now with Chopper, after being away for the past 11 months."  So look for Mark and Chopper the Biker Dog out in the community in the coming days, months and years to come. The torch has been passed, and the spirit of Bandit The Biker Dog lives on in Chopper.

 By all accounts, it appears the legend is in good paws

Chopper Spends Veteran's Day
with Heros


San Diego, CA - (2011) So Veteran’s day has come and gone, once again. To many, it meant a 3-day week-end mini-vacation. In warm weather states, that might mean a bar-b-queue with friends, followed Saturday by watching college football on the new 55” high definition TV you just treated yourself to. Sunday, it’s time to wash the car, go to church and then meet your friends at the local pub for a full slate of NFL games. The big question: Chicken Wings or the Pulled Pork sandwich? 
      read complete story >>>

Chopper Supports the
Wounded Warrior Project


SAN DIEGO, CA - (2011) San Diego’s “Chopper The Biker Dog” has long established his support for the military. So when he became aware of the Wounded Warriors project  he knew he just had to do what he could to show these heroes just how much he appreciated their efforts. At the same time, Chopper wanted to help spread the word to the public about this worthwhile organization along with the size and scope of their efforts on behalf of these men and women who have given their all in service to their country… and now, because of their severe wounds suffered in combat, need our help in return.

So from May of this year until his 2nd birthday (August 3rd), Chopper decided to donate $1 from the the sale of every "Chopper the Biker Dog" Patch to the Wounded Warrior Project.  At every appearance during this 3 month period, Chopper made it a point to bring the Wounded Warrior Project to the attention of his fans. And it worked!    read complete story >>>

   Chopper Rides Off With  “Best of Show”
in 3rd Annual Gaslamp Holiday Pet Parade


San Diego, CA - (2010) December 2010 turned out to be a memorable one for Chopper. He was invited to ride in the Ocean Beach Parade on the 4th.  He had a great time meeting folks there and the feeling must have been mutual because he won the “Best Individual” trophy at the event.
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Chopper meets the San Diego Police Chief and one of his Assistant Chief's at a Fundraising BBQ for the Annual "Shop with a Cop" program. November 18, 2009

On Aug. 1, 2010,"Unleashed by PETCO" in San Diego hosts Chopper's 1st birthday party. Chopper's K-9 friends, as well as human friends were there to help him celebrate. 

Chopper's 1st Birthday party
Thank you "Unleashed by PETCO" for hosting
Chopper's 1st birthday party
For photos and TV coverage visit my facebook page

View video and TV coverage from
Chopper's 1st Birthday Party here


Chopper Continues Tradition Of Delivering Christmas Cheer

SAN DIEGO, CA - (2010) Chopper was once again invited to participate in the annual Christmas event put on by a group of San Diego Businessmen known as “The Nice Guys.” For more than 30 years, the organization has helped hundreds of deserving individuals and families throughout the San Diego community who have fallen on hard times.    read complete story >>>

 Mark Shaffer
Chopper's #1 Pal

Mark A. Shaffer, Realtor
Prudential California Realty

San Diego, CA
Mark Shaffer - Realtor, animal lover, motorcycle enthusiast.  "I have a great passion for helping people achieve their dreams," states Shaffer.  Prior to becoming a Realtor with Prudential CA Realty in 2003.   Read Story >>>


Clearwater, FL - Meet Gerry Ashley: writer, editor, publisher, business advisor and friend.  A special mention has to go to Gerry who has been very generous with his time. He's contributed more than any of us expected, offering advice, suggestions and writing the articles on Chopper & Bandit's web site, not to mention, helping to establish Bandit as a "Public Icon."  With a background as a screenwriter, magazine editor and photographer, he has volunteered his experience and expertise to help promote Bandit as "Bandit The Biker Dog.", now "Chopper the Biker Dog".  A big THANK YOU goes out to Gerry!


Clearwater, FL - It Saddens me to say today, 1/26/2013, my dear friend Gerry Ashley Passed away from a brain tumor.  Gerry did ALL the writing on this website for me, as well as my Brother Bandit's site. You will be missed my friend...  Love you brother

One of the last photos taken of Gerry,
just days ago, doing what he really
enjoyed, smoking a good cigar.....
and most likely his last

Chopper the biker Dog supports the San Diego Human Society's annual walk, riding his custom Harley Davidson, with his own security provided by the San Diego Police Department

Chopper pays his respect to the Fallen Soldiers by visiting "The Wall" as it passes through the San Diego area, Balboa Park.


Chopper Braves the Storm
to Bring Cheer to CHOC

Orange, CA – (2010) Amidst the horrendous rains ravaging much of the California coast line, Chopper The Biker Dog continued one of the many heartfelt traditions begun by his predecessor Bandit The Biker Dog and their owner, Mark Shaffer. Chopper made his initial Christmas visit to Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) on December 23, 2005, bringing Christmas Cheer to dozens of children undergoing treatment.   read complete story >>>

Chopper spending the day with some military family's and kids for a special Valentine's Day Party put on by the Armed Services YMCA, San Diego February 14, 2010

Unleashed by PETCO Hosted Local Celebrity Dog’s 2nd Birthday Party
Thank You to All Who Came Out to Celebrate With "Chopper the Biker Dog"

View photos from my 2nd Birthday Bash here on my Face Book Page


Chopper Continues the tradition at the 12th Annual Celebration Of Champions

San Diego, CA - (2010) For 3 years, Chopper's predecessor Bandit proudly represented the Officer Gerry Griffin Memorial Fund at the annual Celebration of Champions held each May at the Embarcadero Marina Park North, San Diego.  Out of all the many charity events Bandit appeared at, nothing meant more to him than those where the beneficiaries are children.   read complete story >>>

Chopper Makes a Special
Christmas Eve Visit - 2010

Chopper took some time to make a special visit on Christmas eve, 2010 to spend time with a special San Diego family, to help fill a void in the grandmother's life as "she does not have much longer to live", say the doctors.

Chopper Adds Cheer At "The 4th Annual Christmas You Missed"

San Diego, CA -  (2010) In a perfect world, those brave men and women who make up our military would always be home with their families at Christmas. But it's not a perfect world and once again, Christmas 2009 found so many of our servicemen and women thousands of miles from home in defense of our freedom.   read complete story >>>

Chopper Takes Top Dog Honors
At "Fiesta del Paws"

San Diego, CA – (2010) Anyone who has ever had a pet knows the important role they play in our lives every day. But the love and devotion of a pet is particularly important to one who is sick, elderly or disabled. Unfortunately, it's often at the time a person needs their pet the most that they are least able to care for them due to reasons beyond their control either physically or financially due to their age or health-related crisis. This is where PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support)  San Diego County, Inc. steps up to help.
 read complete story >>>

Chopper enjoying a Bud Light while taking a 1 hour cruise at "Pet Day on the Bay", put on by the Hornblower Cruises, a fundraising event benefiting the Helen Woodward Animal Center




After 12 years with "Pet Partners"

Pet Partners Suspends Chopper the Biker Dog's
Registration due to his "Biker VEST"
(click on photo below for full story)



Chopper raises money for the
Wounded Warrior Project


Chopper at the HELP RIDE, support our Verterans,
Parting like a ROCK STAR with band memebers
Gilby Clarke-(Guns & Roses) and
Erik Turner - (founder/member "Warrant")


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